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Special Children
It's very difficult job for the parents for look after their special child at home. Especially in medication, bringing to the clinics or hospital, giving food and dressing up etc.
Free Clinics
Free medical treatment will be given at our clinics to the respectable poor patient of disease (severe of acute cases). The free medical and all expenses...
Anti-Narcotic Treatment
Millions of Pakistan are using drugs therefore in the interest in Pakistani narcotic patients the AMWTI is keeping an eye to resolve this biggest dolorous problem.
Employment Center
Unemployment is the mother of crimes and employment is essential to build a peaceful, happy and healthy society. AL-Maryam trust has started a free employment services.
Free Vocational Training
Al - Maryam Trust International. Has started a free vocational training program in different fields, i.e. computer, winding, plumbing, driving, mobile repairing, welding etc.
Alimentary Support
AMWTI Provide an alimentary support to the respectable poor people it contains, Atta, Sugar, Cooking Oil, Rice, Tea, Daals, Salt, Peepers & spices. Also special arrangement for occasions.
Educational Support Program
Education is necessary for every one and this is a basic right of every human, AMWTI's educational program will beautify the society...
International Qur'anic Scientific Research Center
Holy Qur'an resolves all problem of human being, either on the earth or life after death. Therefore, it's a right of every human...
Marriage Bureau
AMWTI arranges the marriage between unaffordable families: AWMTI bears all expanses of Jahaiz, dresses, beautiparlour, cash, and Nikah ceremony. (InshaAllah)
Spiritual Healing Center
Spiritual aid and power are very helpful to cure a patient from Psychophysical diseases. The services will be provided per letters, telephone and personal meetings.
To start a new business, to arrange a marriage or before to start a medical treatment for any sever diseases, first get assured about success through ISTHIKARA. (InshaAllah)
Orphanage House
A center where lodging facilities will be given to orphanage children, other facilities like free higher education, vocational training center, food, cloths, medical, sports, entertainment etc.