Give Donation for Flood Victims
Al Maryam Welfare Trust (Reg.) Affiliated with EURO PAK SOCIETY AUSTARIA. Its running successfully under the management of Molana Muhammad Yousuf Raza Welfare Society. A person who shoulders the responsibility of this trust is not an ordinary man. He engaged himself in welfare work at the age of 18 and his passion and true love towards humanity made him a president of Al Maryam Welfare Trust (Reg.). Molana Muhammad Yousuf Raza devotes his life to help needy, poor and deserving people. He arranged marriages of many poor girls, provide capital for small businesses to needy and deserving people those are now able to earn fair keep and run their homes successfully. Not only this Mr. Raza pays highly attention towards special children and do as much as he can. Unfortunately special children mostly neglected by society and even their parents couldn't provide them basic facilities which they required. MR Raza laid foundation of many schools for these children and engaged will trained, highly qualified teachers to provide them education and help them to be a useful member of society. Many clinics are also working to provide facilities and cure to special children under Mr. Raza supervision. He possesses kind, loyal and balanced personality. I would like to summarize him in just one line. A good human and a true Muslim.