Give Donation for Flood Victims
In today's world where inflation is at its peak, it is impossible for them to pay for their electricity, children's education and any medical treatment of any family member.

Undoubtedly, the poor and the needy are helpless. Our organization spends time with them and is fully aware of their problems and weaknesses. Therefore we want to help them in such a way that all financial aid is free from interest. In view of all the difficulties faced by the poor.

Al-Maryam Welfare Trust mission is to serve the respectable poor people of Pakistan.

We have the solution of their problem . . . . . . . like

  • Medical treatment
  • Education,
  • Social and Finical Crisis
  • Unemployment
  • Marriage Ceremony
  • Small Business Help

We also very special service for children like Free Treatment, Medicine & Rehabilitation Center.

"AL - Maryam Welfare Trust serve you better". (InshaAllah)

AL - Maryam Welfare Trust is affiliated with "EUROPAK SOCIETY AUSTRIA"